Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Resolutions

I resolve to have a date night with my husband, every month.  - 2 months of the year, two dates!

I resolve not to smoke.  - I have smoked a total of 10 cigarettes in 2010

I resolve to eat less without sacrifice. - I am not doing this enough to actively loose weight, need to step this up.

I resolve to move my body and pump my heart. - Not. at. all. 

I resolve to plan our lives. - I have been very successful on this front.  Planning schedules, money and meals.

I resolve to rise earlier than my children. - It is going to be tough after vacation week, but this is working well.

I resolve to find a church and bring the children consistently to that newly found church. - Yes, we found a church and have been every week.  We didn't go this week as we had car trouble and Jer needed the car.

I resolve to live in abundance. - So abundant.  In love. In time.  In money.  In peace and truth.

I resolve to write. - I have actively written on my blogs, so yes.