Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ollie came into my room at 3:43 this morning, this is a standard occurrence at night.  However, tonight I made him get into a nest next to our bed.  But this woke me up and made my mind whirl with many thoughts.  There are a couple of thoughts racing through my mind, most notably, 98% truth is still a lie. 

In our course, Financial Peace University, we are taught to recognize that money is amoral, that we must honor all of our debts, even those that are not due to a corporation and to honor those debts we must work the debt snowball

We have $650 saved towards our $1,000 emergency fund.*  Our taxes are filed and we will use the refund toward jump starting our debt snowball.  We have listed our debts and our total debt is just under $90,000, the bulk of this is Sallie Mae and a Home Equity loan.  But yesterday afternoon, this total went up, I had not included the money we owed to family, in our total debt. 

As I have previously said, this is a marathon and we are in this for the long haul.  It is overwhelming to think how much we owe in debt.  It is overwhelming to think we still have to live while paying all of this off.  It is overwhelming.  Attacking our debt is going to take some time and even more time than I originally thought.  But the unexpected benefits we are receiving from this class outweigh the anxiety I occasionally feel. 

We owe a ton of money but we are on the path to reduce and pay this off.  Our family is learning healthy and functional methods to manage our money, to teach our children how to handle their money.  We are changing our family's financial tree and living in 100% truth.

*Jer's car needs new ball joints.  Not so much of an emergency as we have the cash, but a slight set back as we must begin again to build up the emergency fund.