Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't know about you

But with our tax refund?  We paid off debt, paid cash for a large car repair and we refunded our emergency savings fund (Baby Step 1).

We paid off the following:

Best Buy
Capital One
Home Depot
The money line of credit at the bank
We owe the bank money for an account that was closed two or so years ago to do a consistent negative balance.
We were also able to pay a large payment on Jer's car.

All of this is part of Baby Step 2 (pay off all debt excluding the house).  We have a long way to go, l o n g way to go.  But at least we are doing what we can.  In the upcoming month I will receive a small bonus from work and Jer will be receiving payment for some of his carpentry work.  We will put those towards paying off debt.

This week we are putting together our monthly budget.  Since we having been meeting weekly I feel pretty good that we will be able to work this very well. 

Since we were paying in cash, I asked our mechanic for a discount. 

Just. by. asking. We saved $100! 

Pretty freaking AWESOME, if you ask me!