Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our class last night talked all about the differences in men and women and how we deal with money.  At the end of the formal presentation we have a discussion.  At the end of the discussion we share our victories.  One of the young couples in the class shared what they had accomplished this past week, it was truly inspiring. 
So tonight, I cut up all of the credit cards I could find.  Some were not in rotation or hadn't been used in years.  Some, like Target and Old Navy are in constant use. 
We paid off Old Navy tonight.
We started teaching the kids about money.  We learned last night that children should learn, and therefore be taught, that you need to work for money. 
They cleaned the living room and each earned a quarter.
Oh yeah baby. 
Our tax refund?  Was just completed and will soon be used to pay off our debt! 

We had the kids help in cutting up the credit cards. 
Merri asked, "Does everyone cut up their credit cards?" 
If only they did sweartheart there were be far more restful nights.
Funny, our nights are becoming more and more restful as we gain more and more control.