Monday, February 15, 2010

Class 2 tonight Relating to Money

For tonight's class we wre to prepare a quickie budget.  One that only outlines the bills for the four walls, house, transporation, clothing and food.  This included our car payments and our first and second mortgages.  We cut back our cable bill for a savings of $50 a month. 

The total for a month of living expenses?  A whopping $5,507.  Whoa.  That is a ton of money and that does not include all the other debt, but I now see the logic behind this lesson.  When budgeting for the purposes of this course or this lesson?  We did not include all the other debt as we are just learning how to control our money.  The first step in controlling your money is deciding who and what to pay first.  Not pay the bill collector that screams the loudest or calls the most, we are fortunate here as we are current on everything, but to take care of your family as you rebuild and honor your debts. 

Isn't that a great lesson?? 

Relating to money is going to be GREAT!!