Friday, March 12, 2010


I cannot believe I haven't posted here since the 24th of February!  I guess change is only exciting at the beginning.  We are currently continuing to pay off our debt, namely Jer's car is the one in our cross hairs currently.  And that isn't all that exciting.  Maintaining and baby steps are the way out, though.

We paid $2,500 a few weeks ago.  Then last week we paid what we could out of our weekly budget, $77. 

We are working on a monthly budget which is like the bird's eye view of how it will work.  Then we break it out by weeks, by paychecks.

So far it is ok.  I think it makes a difference because we have been working on weekly schedules since Jan 1.

Oh - I will be meeting with a nutritionist to discuss food and such.  I am excited!  Need to focus on that!