Sunday, May 1, 2011


I took a couponing class last Wednesday night.  It was from author and extreme couponer Kathy Spencer.  What I found most interesting is this:  she said, "I am not looking to save $5 on a $30 item, I am looking to get it for free."  Therein lies the difference.  She gave us tons of good tips and told us how to get kids clothes, socks, towels and various other things for free at Kohl's.  She also told us of a story of a woman who also attended one of her courses.  She is a Rite Aid super customer.  This woman has a separate account for all the rebate cash she receives from them.  I believe she told the class that this woman currently has roughly $5,800 in her account. 


She had me at FREE.

I'll keep a running tab of my savings here.  But am still signing up on various websites, etc.