Sunday, January 3, 2010

Money and Meals

Today we reviewed our bank account.  It was dim, but that is why we are working on a change.  J went grocery shopping after I had reviewed some of the sale fliers in our area.  I have our menu planned for the week:

Sunday - Frozen pizza for children
               Pasta and meat sauce for grown ups (to be used for lunch tomorrow)
Monday - pot roast in the crock pot (great for lunch on Tuesday)
Tuesday - Pork chops (enough to use for left overs on Wednesday)
Wednesday - Taco night
Thursday - Soup and grill cheese
Friday - Pizza

Begin again.

We have stocked our pantry with more than enough essentials and filled up the freezer with sale items, which will enable us to make wonderful meals all week long 

My pantry and freezer runneth over!