Sunday, January 31, 2010

The moment in which I almost threw in the towel

Jer has been working since Friday after school.  I was solo on Friday night, all day Saturday.  We had thought that perhaps he would have the day off today, but alas when he got home last night, he told us that there was much to much to be done and he would have to work on Sunday.  So I embarked on my 2.5 day of solo parenting, this morning.  They are old enough now that they can forage and I can sleep in past my usual 5:30.  So I stumbled down stairs at about 8:45 or so this morning.

We skipped church as Will is really not feeling all that well.  And I couldn't leave him by himself, that just wouldn't be right.  So we went on an errand and I got them donuts, a real treat.  Then we came home and they played while I cleaned the kitchen.  It was decided that we would make cookies, chocolate chip cookies.  They did great with that.  We then made a fun lunch.  After lunch everyone played with their respective toys and I cleaned up lunch.  I sat down at the computer. 

Merri took over the whole couch with her blankets and would not let Oliver sit.  I lost it, this was at about 3:25.  I sent her upstairs and did some yelling at the boys.

After everything calmed down I thought, I could just order chinese food.  We have enough money in our account to cover it and it would be so much easier for me.

And then it hit me.  You will continue with your plan to make chicken pot pie.  And set about marinating the drumsticks for fried chicken for Monday night dinner.

It is not easy to take care of my children all by myself.  And it is most certainly not easy to work changing your mindset about money.

I did not throw in the towel, but man I sure did want to.

edited to add:  I have my hand on the towel.  Ollie just screamed his brains out.  You know they won't like the meal that I make, they never like anything new.  I am fried.  Truly fried.  Bring on work.  Oh and my laptop is dead.  Like not working dead.