Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 6

We are in week 6 of our challenge to pay off $7,500 in 8 weeks.  We are at $6,400!  On Monday I will send another payment to the car! 

We are doing well and are thrilled! 

It is true that it is a mind shift, not just about money about our lives.  We meal plan, we stick to the grocery list and live on cash only. 

We will replace our furnance in May, paid for in cash.  Our furnance has really worked hard for us, I mean really hard for us.  When we bought our house in 2004, it was deemed at the end of it's life.  But as the home inspector said, "doesn't mean it will die today, but you will need to replace it soon."  Uh, well 8 years later...

After we have paid off the debt, saved our emergency fund and go to Disney, we will replace the roof.  And pay for it in cash. 

I picked up the book, "Your Money or Your Life," another personal finance book to feed our minds on our journey to wealth!

We may be late bloomers when it comes to much in our lives, but changing these things has made such a huge impact to our family!