Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another asset?

We are on track to pay off car number 2 the first half of May!  BEYOND excited!  As I remember back to when we started I am saddened at how little progress we made.  But then I am excited to see how much progress we have made since Nov/Dec 2011.   We are going to have the Home Equity paid off in October.  If we can push that date up, that would be beyond BEYOND wonderful!!!  Jer has a couple of carpentry jobs coming up and that will help us, too.  We are closing on a refinance on Wednesday and this will save us approximately $356 a month.  All the more to go towards the snowball.

It really is so exciting to the debt falling.  And to know that we will have a fully funded emergency fund.  And that we will be able to retire with plenty of money.  And that we will take the kids to Disney...

It really is AMAZING what you can do with a plan!