Saturday, February 18, 2012

More snow

We have received a good tax refund, it enabled us to pay of a couple more things and make further progress on the car.  We made a debt thermometer and it really is by each debt, so although we are paying down on all debts, this helps us focus on the one we are working to pay off currently.  By the second week in March this car should be done and we will be focusing everything on the next one.

We have done some things to help with the acceleration of our debt pay off.  We joined a challenge in which we need to pay down $5,000 in 8 weeks, beginning, March 1st.  We mapped it all out and we should be able to pay down roughly $7,000 in that time period.  It is getting exciting and every dime truly counts!!  We are also in the process of refinancing which will save us roughly $350 a month on our mortgage.  Additionally when we have a mortgage free month that will get paid towards our debt.  We need to be better about getting our stuff onto Craig's List and we are going to have a yard sale in April.

Things are happening!!!