Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well the recommittment to the Dave Ramsey plan is full force.  I got a new job with a bump in salary so the second job is on hold for now.  We will see how much we can actually do with the "extra" income.

I have listed several things on Craig's List with no luck.  And we continue to collect items for a yard sale.  It does two things, motivates us to streamline and makes us realize how much excess we have been living with.  We are encouraging the kids to do the same.

The exercise and weight loss continues.  With my new job I am working from home 100% so I can now run during lunch.  This is huge as with the early arrival of darkness during the winter months it has been difficult to get in exercise in any form.

We are down $23k in our debt and still falling.  We have a while to go, but I have challenged us to pay it all of this year!  So that second job may be coming in handy!

Happy New Year and welcome 2012!