Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well, it has been many months since I have posted.  I think the biggest changes that have happened are as follows:

We have paid $3,000 cash toward a $5,000 furnance. Our oil company is allowing us to pay for it in full and then will do the work.  Yeah, they are earning interest on my money, but at the end of it, we'll have a new furnance.  One we have needed since we bought our home in 2004.

We paid for, in cash, a major car repair to the tune of $2,800.  I asked for a discount and they handed me back $150.  SWEET.

We are on our second week of using cash for our non debt related expenses.  Categories are as follows:  food, medical, car and misc.

We have budgeted consistently since June.

I have completed two 5ks.  Jer has done several including a, 10k and half marathon.  We have both lost weight, he more than I, but isn't that the way?

We are now talking about the year 2012.  Since we had Eliot in 2010 we have not been completely as they say, 'Gazelle Intense' in paying off our debt, 2012 is our year.  We told the kids last night that there will be no Story Land next year (a wonderful amusement park in NH).  I am toying with the idea of getting second job.

We cut back our cable to the basic package.

I dropped Verizon for my cell service and instead bought a Go Phone and pay $25 per month for 750 minutes.  In February Jer will also be dropping Verizon and then we will be saving.

I review our bank account every morning and additionally read and post constantly at the TMMO website.  I am focusing on filling my head with all things that will help us reach our goal.  I have read:  The Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Total Money Make Over.  I think I need to pull out my CDs from Financial Peace University.

We have paid off $23k of our starting total of $88k, for a total now of $65k.  That included some credit card debt and now only includes two car loans, home equity and a student loan.  Just in minimum payments we are making good progress, once we can get the snowball really rolling it will FAST!

We celebrated a first birthday a couple of weeks ago!  As well as an 8th birthday in March, a 5th birthday in April and a 7th birthday in September.

We are blessed and grateful.

And look forward to more change in 2012.