Sunday, February 13, 2011

Budget House

We have decided that I will do the budgeting.  So I did the February budget, however, technically it should be done before the month begins.  But better late than never.  So the things that are static, mortgage, utilities, things of that nature, I placed within the planned for category.  The things that were not planned for are in the red category. 

Then Jer came home last night and asked me how it is that we missed the Allocated Weekly Spending Plan worksheet.  It is funny because I thought the same thing.  Because we are now both listening to the CD's, it is given each of us a renewed commitment.

I have spent our paychecks that we receive this week, on paper.  And the following pay cycle, I have spent on paper as well.  Jer did the taxes today.  We will be able to pay off the bulk of his car with only a little over a $1,000 left.

I did the budget for the month of March as well.  It appears that the first week of any month is the hardest.  We have many bills automatically deducted for our account that week.  It is painful. 

Oh and have I mentioned that we are at the very beginning stages of a project to put an addition on our home?  Yeah, we are.  Pretty awesome!