Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In our first Board Meeting last night we discussed the bills that were due in terms of due date and the ones that we have scheduled for the auto pay through our bank account.  This morning it dawned on me that having them automated does a few things for our family.

  1. It provides a false sense of security in terms of managing our money
  2. More times than not we incur overdraft charges because of #1
  3. We are paying more on things and at different times that are not well scheduled
So today, I cancelled all of our schedule payments for the rest of the month.  This provides us with more control and flexibility in terms of who we pay, when we pay and how much we pay.  This will enable us to track our bills, which we have not been doing.  As long as the caller-id was not loaded calls from 800 numbers we felt all was well.

We are also looking at reducing our cell phone bill and reducing our cable access.  We could drop down to basic cable and sign up for Net Flix and save money with the same functionality.