Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second Board Meeting

We had our second meeting last night, we discussed the following:
  1. Cable bill - what we can do to reduce cost.  J is calling today.
  2. Phone bill - J does not have a contract to adhere to, so he is able to switch providers completely.  I can reduce my plan.  For our land line?  I am looking into Magic Jack.
  3. Switching where we attend our Financial Peace University.  We just found out there is a class in another town near us that provides child care.  A savings of $390!
We did not discuss the following but it is something I continue to struggle with.  I am working hard on providing solutions to some of the issues I encounter at work.  On Tuesday one of those issues pissed me off so very bad that I believe I was actually raging!  So bad.  So I will refocus my energies on trying not to let the frustrations of my job get the better of me and realize, it is only a job.  Whatever comes my way provides me an opportunity to display my problem solving skills and that I am a team player.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (this person at work), courage to change the things I can (ME) and the wisdom to know the difference.