Thursday, January 7, 2010


In anticipation for our attendance to Financial Peace University, we are busy preparing.  We have compiled a list of all of our debts sans our mortgage.  I put all of our bills in one central location. I unautomated all of the electronic bill pay through our bank. 

This morning, I reviewed all the bills we had, the due dates and the minimum amount due on each bill.  In so doing I was able to strategize on what things should be paid this week and what things can wait.  It was liberating to begin to see that we are NOT at the mercy of our bills, but we have control. 

I went to the websites of various establishments and made payments and wrote some checks.  I worked on a spread sheet that outlines the income and the known expenses by week.  I sent it to J for him to take a look.  I think it is fantastic.

I am so tired today.  All I wanted for lunch was Papa Gino's.  I didn't get it.