Sunday, January 17, 2010

The envelope system?

I think I really could have used that this weekend.  I got paid on Thursday and by Friday?  There was $10 left in our account.  The banks are not open on Monday in observance of MLK day, as a result we will have no money until Tuesday, the earliest. 

Frustrating when you are running low on some groceries.  Luckily J received a check for the work he has done, but again, no banks are open for him to cash and/or deposit.  The check will need a day to clear so probably on Wednesday we will have cash.  He received a payment, an electronic payment on another job, but that won't clear when the bank is not open.  It is too bad that awith all the eletronic banking that goes on in the world that it doesn't continue after hours.  It really should be 'real time.'

I am looking forward to getting started on with our class.  I spoke to our babysitter and she completely understood.  She is also available on Monday's should our plan not work for us.  I haven't heard from the class leaders at the new place.  Not really impressed by that.

Feeling a little down about the current status as I am sure had I analyzed it more comprehensively we would be a little more solvent today.

Good news?  J's check will enable us to put some away for the $1,000 emergency fund! 

We went to church today!  The kids enjoyed it and my soul felt good.  Oh and I realized that even on Sundays I will need to get up early to ensure that the kids have their clothes laid out.  I spent a significant amount of time this morning screaming at the kids, running up and down the stairs and yelling at kids.  Oh, I already said that, right?

Our current state will make it challenging to plan our weekly menu.  We are out of the following:
pancake mix
crushed tomatoes
shredded cheese

My pantry is STOCKED with the likes of these:
black beans (kids don't eat)
kidney beans (kids don't eat)
tuna fish (kids don't eat)

Oh I could go on and on.  But for now I will get my wheels spinning on some ideas for next week.